Job Posting: Pastor

We are a small, Presbyterian Church in Maple Plain, Minnesota. Our congregation is active and dedicated and offers a real sense of community to all who enter our doors.

First Presbyterian Church of Maple Plain was established in 1871. In 1986, we moved from downtown Maple Plain to 558 County Road 110. We continue to serve our community from this beautiful, pastoral country setting on the western edge of the Twin Cities metro area.

We are a family of God and are looking for a pastor who can inspire, teach and encourage us to continue to foster and strengthen our relationship with God.

Candidates should be friendly, open and caring and have good communication skills. You should be able to motivate and encourage, and join in when the need arises. We are seeking someone who has the ability to help us realize our hopes and dreams; inspire our thinking with new ideas; challenge the status quo, when necessary; and be flexible in working together to help us navigate new paths.


Duties include, but would not be limited to:

  • Plan/lead worship services

  • Work with staff and volunteers to provide content for church communications

  • Lead Christian education, for both adults and youth; including Confirmation Class 

  • Moderate Session, work with Deacons and collaborate with various committees 

  • Provide outreach to members and visitors

  • Provide pastoral care, perform weddings/baptisms/funerals and provide monthly communion  to our members who are unable to physically be at worship services



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