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Here is a bit about me and my philosophy of ministry and the church.  Hopefully, it's a good enough taste to get to know me, but it's probably best if we grab coffee sometime.

Brief Bio:

I grew up in SW Minnesota and mostly recently served churches in Iowa for 11 years before coming to Maple Plain in 2022. I love playing catch with my son, riding roller coasters with my daughter, and doing anything with my spouse, and I'm definitely happier outdoors.


B.A. Psychology - Augustana University, Sioux Falls, SD

M.Div. - Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PA

D. Min Student - U. Dubuque Theological Seminary, Dubuque, IA

Pastoral Objective:

My main goal as a pastor is to help people have a more authentic spirituality.  It matters less to me if you read the Bible literally or literarily than if you are finding these ancient texts and this Christian community as helping you be your best, most authentic, and true self.

Thoughts on the church:
The church, globally, seems to be going through an identity crisis or at least a major shift. Cultural condemnation of our institutions is widespread, especially among younger generations and some serious birth pains are going on as we try to give rise to something new.  While this is obviously painful - it is exciting in some ways. It's a chance for the church to cut dead weight (things Jesus never really cared about anyway) and to rediscover itself primarily as a spiritual well/outpost.

Thoughts on FPC Maple Plain:

FPC is a small yet stable congregation situated on a beautiful property, but most importantly, is made up of wonderful people. In an age of people increasingly polarizing into like-minded camps, these folks deeply care about each other and embrace each other's differences.  It's a beautiful thing - though not everyone can tolerate that kind of tolerance.  Still, it is a great place to learn to love yourself and each other and attempt to do the work of God together.

We are not an overly programmed church and will not take over your lives, but have ample opportunities for worship, education, service, and fellowship throughout the year.

As far as kids as youth go - we do not have a class for just 3rd graders or a wing full of amazing classrooms and toys. But we've been around for 150 years and have plenty of grandmas and older adults who are eager to pass on the faith in this intergenerational context. Programs are also done in cooperation with other nearby churches.

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