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All are welcome to come for worship in-person.

But, if you're not able to join us in-person, watch us on Facebook

Sunday, March 3

The Vineyard is Who?

Mark 12:1-17

Sunday, March 10

Give it Everything You've Got

Mark 12:28-44

Wednesday, March 17

It's the End. How are you doing?

Mark 13 - End of an Age

Sunday, March 24 - Palm Sunday

Guest Preacher

Mark 11:1-11 - Triumphal Entry

Thursday, March 28 - Maundy Thursday, 6 pm

at Calvin

177 Glendale Drive, Long Lake 

Friday, March 29 - Good Friday, 6 pm

at FPC

Mark 15:16-39 - Crucifixion

Sunday, March 31 -  Easter Sunday, Sunrise

                                Easter Sunday, 9am

Communion at 9 am service

Mark 16-1-8

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